Democrats Refuse to Take Responsibility for Adam Schiff’s Mischaracterization of Trump, Table Censure Motion


The democrats refused to take responsibility for Adam Schiff for his lying and mischaracterization of the president by tabling the republican motion to censure Schiff and voting on it along party lines.

Schiff has admitted before the congressional hearing that his comments about the President Trump’s call with Ukraine President had been a “parody”[1]. He had also lied of not having spoken to the whistleblower, a claim disputed by his own party[2], which is still trying to get its lies in place.

Despite his blatant misconduct in the ongoing made-up investigation, Democrats decided to stick with one of their fellow liars and shield him and the party from taking any responsibility.

However, it was not a surprise as the party has always failed to take any responsibility for crimes committed by its members. In reality, the party is fond of defending such characters. The bigger the lies the bigger the influence in the corruption-ridden party.

It is no wonder the biggest corruption of the year involves the party’s frontrunner, who also occupied the second most powerful seat, and who the party desperately defends at all costs.

The same party has been falsely accusing the republicans of voting along party lines while in the same breath ganging up to bury the truth by unanimously supporting a liar.

However, for the majority of Americans who understand the Democrat’s methods, it comes as a no surprise. The Democratic Party has refused to take responsibility for any issue, from illegal immigration to blatant corruption within the party’s ranks.

By failing to condemn Schiff, the party adopted an official position that lying was acceptable as long as it benefits the party. Having admitted to making parody remarks to misrepresent President Trump’s personality was a major offense that demanded strong condemnation.




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