Dating Tips For Feminists


The movement is dead, now all your friends are doing it. They are getting themselves a man. So how do you get one?

Take a shower, nothing a man hates more than a woman who smells like last nights Chinese takeout garbage.

I know that might fall under the category of taking a shower, but remember we are talking about feminists here. So we have to give them this information in short digestible bites. Hair, unless your hair is actually red, knock it off with the red hair dye or another freaky color.

Remember you were a feminist, but now you are not. Shave legs, armpits and get that mustache waxed or even better lazered off.

Lose weight. Yes, he’s in the gym working and bulking up. It’s time you took care of your figure, so he can appreciate the fine female form.

Now that things look neat and clean put on a dress. Remember what Nola girl says. If you show cleavage, don’t show legs. If you show legs, don’t show cleavage. The only times for that is bedroom and beach.

Learn to cook. Well, why should I learn to cook if he can just do it himself? Yes and if he can just do it himself, than why does he need you.

Learn to sew. Sew! WTF. Yeah you heard me right. Sew.

He fixes your car, your, apartment, helps you move. What physical labor are you giving him? Your pussy. Your pussy is overpriced. For doing all of that he can charge, go to Vegas with the money; get a girl 10 times better looking than you. Time for you to up your game.

Learn to spend your own money. Spending your own money shows you are not treating him as an object of success. Look who Megyn Kelly would marry, because he has the most money.


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