Who is More Fashionable?


Milenia Versus Olena

Milenia Trump Being a first lady, your fashion sense and choices can never be overlooked and that certainly is the case for Melania Trump and Olena Zelenska. Both first ladies dress up to.please themselves in the now and the history of books.

Similarly, both women have won many hearts over the years being a fashionista. Olena Zelenska is also known as “Ukrainian Melania” on social media due to the fact that she resembles a lot with Mrs. Trump. Both first ladies share a love of exquisite fabric and stilettos although their brands differ. Similarly they wear clothes of similar design, style and structure.

When it comes to living up the mantle of the most fashionable first ladies, they know how to play up their points and apply the winning formulas. They have championed different fashion labels with Melania favoring more American, Spanish and Frenchdesigners and Olena preferring big name Ukrainian, German and US designers.

Melania Trump, an American former model, who can turn even the most casual outfit into a major fashion moment, upped the profile of several high-end American labels including Michael Kors, J.Crew and Gucci. When it comes to footwear, Manolo Blahnik heels are the favorite.

Thanks to her modeling career, she has always wowed with her classic-with-a-twist style. It became evident from the beginning that the Slovene-born beauty followed the previous trendsetting first ladies. Whether its white color sundress with dotted pumps, Red colored gown with flat topped hat in the formal state banquet, Burberry bow blouse while visiting foreign states or simple pumps with the jumpsuit walking on the White house south lawn, Miss Flotus never fails to impress by her attire. From time to time, the ex-model has also mixed in more affordable styles including Timberland Boots and Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, while the world sticks to stereotype.

On the other hand, Ukraine first lady also has the ability to portray her own individual style and is not anything less than a trendsetter. Olena Zelenska looks unshakably glamorous with her every new look. From wearing an elegant ensemble of white dress and caped embroidered jacket by Ukrainian designer Artem Klimchuk to a pair of basic white t-shirt, a pair of black sunglasses and white sneakers- she never fails to surprise public with a new classy look. Also she most oftenly dazzles in a three piece suit usually pairing the look with heels and pearl drop earrings. German brand Jil Sander, US brand Staud, Ukrainian brand Six are amongst her top designers.

Fashion has always dominated the world as it sums up the attitude of whole generation. Being a trend setter, both first ladies are great and have contributed greatly to fashion industry but Melania Trump can be considered more fashionable than Olena Zelenska as she has worked as a model previously and has a greater public appearance than the Ukraine first lady, therefore retains more exposure and fashion sense. Further, people tend to adopt fashion which comes from a more powerful person. And it’s very obvious that the fashion emerging from a super power country, US, looks more fashionable rather than state like Ukraine. Also, if we go through Olena Zelenska’s previous lifestyle, it becomes very clear that she kept her profile very low in early years hence failed to increase her following comparatively.


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