Trumps Liabilities are Really Assets


Trumps opposition would like to claim his womanizing, Melania’s implied nude photos and charges of sexual harassment are really assets. Let me explain why.

Womanizing, we want a display a sense of strength and virility to other world leaders. Fortunately, a majority of world leaders are men or else we would be in 30% more wars and they would be giving away money we don’t have. Trump’s success with women is aspirational. Men will work day in and day out to get the best and brightest women. Men will pull themselves out of poverty if given the chance. And he is giving many men a chance.

Since Carter, we have had men proving their manhood by sending other men to die in foreign wars when we have had no skin in the game. Wouldn’t it be great if we saw how alpha all future presidents were if the future first lady had nude or semi-nude photos published. This should be a requirement that all future first ladies have the sexiest photos released, we can see who really is Alpha and has no need to prove his manhood by starting a war. (You can see more pics here. )

Finally, we have these false charges of sexual harassment. First off I would be more worried if Trump didn’t have a charge of sexual harassment. I believe evidence not individuals. My reasoning here is 2 fold. First, if Trump hasn’t pissed off somebody then that means he is not principled. He sticks to what he believes. If you don’t have enemies, you haven’t stood for anything. Second, If he backed down because a silly woman made a silly accusation how could I trust him to put other countries in their place if he can’t put a woman in her place.


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