Dear Women, You Are Fired


Yup, you heard me right. You are fired. It is a matter of simple economics. When a good becomes too expensive people start looking for substitutes. Cue the feminist harpie whining. Stating we are not objects, we are people. This is really rich, because of how women treat men. They treat men as commodities, especially with the most recent article, there is not enough rich men to marry. Sorry ‘dahrlin’ but not every man is rich and not every woman is beautiful.

First, we have come to realize you are not our friend, especially at school and at work. You are our competition. So even if the metoo witch hunt didn’t start, we would still refuse to help you. We have seen how loyal you are to the men in your life, especially through the divorce rate. Plus, with 75% of human resource officers being female, we don’t have to do anything for you to screw us over. Remember the last recession was called a mancession because it affected men the most.

Second. any hope of any kind of a relationship with you is over. Think of it like this. Every year you go to this restaurant and every year the portions get smaller and the prices get higher. At what point do you say it is not worth it anymore. I know feminists like to give an idea of an inflated price for what your worth, but every service you use to provide has been now commoditized. Remember, all those things feminists said a man can do, well we do it ourselves now or we can just order it over the internet. i.e. housekeeping and meal prep.

A subset to this is companionship. I didn’t say sex. I said companionship. Since the 60’s you defined and told men what they wanted, when it wasn’t true. Sex is number 4 on our list of priorities. It is respect. Since your phony plays to redistribute wealth through fake dating and fake marriages, we saw the light and realized you didn’t and you never will respect us until we stand up to you. So we do what men have always done, invent or look for substitutes. Here are few things that we have used to replace you with:

  1. Prostitute, at least we know the price up front. Rodney Dangerfield had a great quote, “Sex you get for free is a lot more expensive than sex you pay for.”
  2. Foreign brides, this is good especially if you can do your job online and live in her country, where the divorce laws keep the women in check. (i.e. China “He who pays for the house keeps the house.) And why live like a pauper in the US, when you can live like a king else where.
  3. Robotic Love companions, Love companions have become so realistic and affordable, even a factory worker can afford one. Soon it will become a common appliance for every male household.

So this it, your time is over. Like every dictator, it eventually comes to an end either by the death of them or death of their society. To see proof, all you have to do is look at feminist led societies and far they have sunk.



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