Nine Ways to Improve Men’s Rights Groups


1. Stop getting into cat fights with other segments of the Men’s movement. This only serves to disrupt and divert resources away from much needed help. Support a man’s choice even if that choice is not for you.

2. Form local mentoring groups and connect them nationally. Have clear goals of what this group should do.

3. Goal 1: Increase the number of men graduating from college, especially with degrees in Human Resources. And get them placed in companies until their is parity with women.

4. Goal 2: Evaluate and support politicians that will take care of some of the issues I.e. Male Suicide, Default Shared Parenting and Male Health.

5. Accuse them of calling you ugly, get them fired and have one of your brothers replace them. See how here.

6. Exploit women’s hypocrisies. Find men that were sexually harassed by women and were fired for refusing their advances

7. Set a certain amount of time like 5 hours a month to help.

8. Say no. If you find gender imbalances I.e. hospital exams with female nurses present and you don’t want it say no. You are the customer and you have a right to your dignity.

9. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The crime statistics. I. E. More women are pedophiles than men. (According to Psychology Today the number 6 fantasy women have is sleeping with an.underage boy.) More woman are embezzlers than men. And the amount of money spent on women’s medical problems compared to men.


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