Men Are Having Trouble Finding Women to Propose to Due To a Lack Of Qualified Women


After talking to some men the reasons can be grouped into the following categories.

  1. The lack of attractive women. Men love attractive women and beautiful cars.  And when men work on a project car it becomes beautiful and that car stays with him until he sells it. Also, the time and money he spends on the car will increase in value and become an asset. If he were to work on a project woman the way he would work on a project car, there is no guarantee she will be loyal to him.  However; the opposite is true with women, she becomes a liability.
  2. The second is the lack of added value a woman provides. They said men can cook, clean and do their own laundry. So men learned to do all of those things. So why provide free room and board to someone who is not going to provide a value added service. In reality, you are just adding more work for yourself. Yeah, true some women work, however, how much are they actually contributing to the household budget?  It normally is a net loss, because they are spending more of his money, then they are of their own. 
  3. Sex or affection on demand. Women can shirk their responsibilities here, but men can’t.  How long will a man last at his job if he keeps calling in sick and not working. He is called lazy and shirking his responsibilities of being a provider.  Women here can say they don’t feel like having sex for months, even years and that is the end of it.
  4. Then there is laws.  An accountant explained western marriage to like this; say you start a business and after a couple years it becomes successful. The you decide to hire somebody to help with the business.  Then after 5 years she either quits or you have to fire her.  But no matter what happens you still have to pay her. 

So these are 4 of the many categories that men say are the reason why they are having problems finding suitable women to propose to. 


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