The Poor Economics of Voting Democrat


I am not saying Republicans are better, but Democrats are worse. I have maintained that there are three professions that you have to be bad at your job to be successful at: 1. matchmakers, 2. psychiatrists/psychologists and 3. politicians.

If a politician ever solved a problem, then what is the need for that politician. Look at how long all those that are running for president have already been political office. Has yoru life gotten better or worse?

Why are Democrats advocating for the following:

  1. Open borders
  2. Higher minimum wages
  3. Taxing the rich

All of these would increase unemployment and create further dependency on the government. Keeping the politicians rich, fat and happy. If they helped their base move out of working class and into middle class, they would move out of the Democratic party. Remember the Republican party was an off shoot of the Democratic party that didn’t believe slavery was moral or just.


Open borders would increase the supply of low skilled workers, hence decreasing wages. Also, it would increase the amount of government support, or should we say taxpayer support. So you will have greater profits for the party of the rich. (Stay tuned until the end to find out which party has the most millionaires and billionaires.)


This is another tactic of the Democrats to cause more unemployment and more working class, then middle class. large corporations like Starbucks and Amazon can absorb the higher minimum wage but family, mom and pop businesses can’t. They will have to shut down and give a monopoly to the larger businesses. This will in turn cause more unemployment and more working class people, because those business owners still need money to survive. And if the business is closed down, where will the workers go. People don’t spend as much during an economic downturn.


Leona Helmsley said it best, ‘The rich don’t pay taxes.’ Do you think rich people just cut their margins when they pay taxes. No they don’t, they incorporate it into their new price. Look at all the tech monopolies out there? Have you tried to start your own Amazon, Facebook, Twitter? They don’t offer a better product, they offer a good enough product. By being large, they are in charge of the labor market.


This reminds me of an anecdote about Lincoln and his Democratic opponent, claiming that the Republican party, was the party of the rich and they liked frilly things like embroidered shirts. So Lincoln walked up to his debate opponent, ripped off his waist coat to show his opponent had a monogrammed shirt. The reality is the Democrats have the majority of millionaires and billionaires. The reason why the M and the B’s like the Democratic party is because they create barriers to entry (see Porter’s 5 forces model) to keep competition out. Trump’s economic policies are actually bad for his business, but better for the working class, because now they can move out of the working class and into management and business ownership. Having a large supply of labor would cause a drop in wages and an increase in housing prices.

So even if you can’t vote Republican, then vote third party, one that you believe that will honestly help you. See you at the Polls.


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