What Dog Breed is Right for You



If you have been with your dog for a long time, you have possibly observed it acting a bit like to you. There is no exact explanation why it occurs, however, you have confidently cracked up every time you have got your dog acting like a human. Just remember there are a lot of rescue groups for specific breeds, so you don’t need to go to a puppy mill to get one.

Pets have a tendency to create a bond with us that is why they are capable of catching our traits and copy them to some extent. There are a few breeds of dogs that behave like humans than others.

  1. Poodles

Poodles are very beautiful and smart dogs. They are known for their commitment to the family of their owner above all else.

  • German Shepherds

Everyone knows that German Shepherds are wonderful. They are trustworthy, brilliant work with the police as well as the military. They are frequently super friendly with everybody around, however, you will see them playing fetch or tracking the region for fun smells.

  • Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhounds are famous for their deep love for people. They love to travel in the arms of their owners.

  • Australian Shepherds

Similar to German Shepherds, they are very intelligent and keep tons of energy. Aussies are famous for their affection for children because children keep them energetic and they love nothing over having a job. you can usually find your Aussie below your feet or placed between you and the adjacent wall.

  • Pugs

Pugs are working dogs. Their work is hanging out with their owner all day long, eating fun, being sluggish, and napping too much.

  • French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are an achievement of modern breeding. Basically, they act like aliens in the form of dogs. They love a human being too much, mainly their food and their rubbing hand.

  • Beagles

Beagles are pack dogs; they frequently get alongside with other puppies. However, they really love you, because they get you as a leader in life. Beagles are scent dogs, they contain 220 million receptors for scent and are always seeking the next track to follow.

  • Great Danes

Keen to satisfy and super calm, they are very friendly and love orientated for you to get attention.

  • Jack Russell Terriers

Having been raised to hunt, a best friend of Jack Russell is almost assured to be their humans.=

  • Malteses

Several toy breed dogs remain close to their owners. Maltese will love to stay close to their owners. They love to stay in your lap. Leave them alone for a few minutes, you can see they will come back to keep an eye on you.

  • Bulldogs

Bulldogs are soft and lenient. They do not mind if someone pulls on their ears or if you unintentionally roll above on them in bed.

  • Collies

Collies are one of the most pleasing breeds of dogs. They always care for their owners. This breed is very trustworthy that while they can enjoy the company of another puppy. Moreover, they will need to check in with you regularly. Plus, they make a pose for taking photos.


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