Why Men Should Demand a Male Health Professional


Ten Reasons Why Men Should Demand a Male Health Care Professional

Recently there were two peculiar cases filed at the Medical Patient Modesty website concerning the violation of the patient’s modesty. The first case is about a CAN doing a striptease for an unconscious man while the other case was about an imposter female nurse performing oral sex on a recovering male patient in the hospital[i]. These two real life stories where female caregivers have intentionally violated male patient’s modesty could be the wake-up call for men to insist on receiving hospital care under fellow male professionals. This paper highlights ten reasons basing on the patients’ and legal views why male patients should now require that only male caregivers offer them hospital care.

  1. i)   Under the “Patient’s Bill of Rights” patients are guaranteed the right to safe care which means the hospital management must duly address their complaints[ii]. Upon the requirement of intimate exposure, the patients have a legal right to remain under the care of a caregiver whose gender they prefer.
  2. ii)   Say a male radiographer was doing a mammogram on a woman and there was no female tech available and he tells her, “You got nothing I haven’t seen before.” This can be a big issue to the woman. Guess what, males have the same modesty issues and hang-ups as women. Women refuse to put themselves in men’s shoes. Men are tired of always having to put the onus on them to accommodate a woman’s desire, not her need.

iii)   At the adolescence stage and beyond, it is always normal for people to fear an intimate care provided by people of the opposite gender. The fear of being treated by a person of opposite sex may lead to an inadequate patient care from the caregiver due to societal stereotypes of men and hence the patient may end up receiving sub-optimal care.

  1. iv)   Post-hospital depression has been reported amongst those who receive health care through providers of the opposite gender against their wish especially in children. Depression is a serious medical condition, and that’s why we insist refusing any care against your wish can save you from this complication.
  2. v)   The research did recently found out that male nurses think faster and clearer and use critical thinking as the basis for the care they provide compared to their female counterparts who compensate for this by being so emotional hence one would expect better attention from males[iii].
  3. vi)   In some setting male patients always agree to get care from the female caregivers when they are sure that the caregiver is only one person. Sometimes it turns out so unfortunate when these caregivers allow in other women colleagues to the private room when the patient is naked (common in the theater). This turn of events can also be prevented by males insisting on only male caregivers.

vii)   Religious beliefs of some male patients put them at a crossroad when they are to receive health care. To avoid anxiety surrounding it, demand for male caregivers becomes the only option.

viii)   Men are getting tired of their real feelings and real emotional distress being discounted because of gender stereotypes that woman are portraying of men i.e. all men are flashers waiting to expose ourselves in hopes of getting sex.

  1. ix)   Men have a right not to believe women when they say “It means nothing to us.” Especially when they bring playgirl magazines to work and discuss various parts of current patient’s male anatomy.
  2. x)   Lastly, some female care providers are likely to exploit their male patients by the kind of attire they put on and the positions they assume while moving around the wards. This may cause psychological torture to the patients.

After going through the ten reasons, then you will agree with me that getting your preferred gender to care for you is more of a right than a privilege which every male should demand.














End Notes

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