Weinstein Did Nothing Wrong


It’s this simple. Create issue, blame a group for the issue. Announce running for president. After the devastating loss by Hillary Clinton, DNC is scrambling to shore up their base, but do to their were no republicans they could charge for sexual harassment, they threw one of their own under the bus. I really don’t think what Weinstein did is any different than what dating is in modern America. Women are only going to bed those with $100,000 salary or more. People like Ashley Judd (“I gave Weinstein sex to avoid being raped.”) just had a higher price. So here is the issue the Democrats want, “Trading sex for money/power.  So this is part one of the democrats orchestrated Campaign.

So part 2 is we need a villain, so it’s all men. Who cares that women do this at a far higher percentage than men. I.E. dating, divorce court and even work. So now you have all these feminists crying, “ban men from the workplace.” More special gender laws to ‘protect’ women. Now you got misses Obama coming out with a paper saying we are raising boys to be entitled. So we need to get rid of the few programs out their for men and boys, so we can spend it on the women and girls.  And we all know Mrs. Obama is a socialist.

So part 3 is reconsolidating their base. We have seen how easy it is for the democrats to thrown on of their own under the bus with Weinstein and Sanders. So it’s time to throw Clinton under the DNC bus to get the Bernie socialist back into the DNC bus. So they have all these confessions of how Clinton camp hijacked the campaign.

So part 4 is we need a hero, who is going to save us all from these straight white males that we give up sex for money and power. Enter Mrs. Obama. Since the republicans can’t get Condoleeza Rice to run. So in 2020  the DNC is going to offer Mrs. Obama as their candidate. They are forgetting, women more than men hate power by proxy. So more DNC and mods will be crossing party lines for Trump if he decides to run again.

It must be disheartening to them, even though they will never admit it, that Trump was right. If you are rich and famous beautiful women will let you grab their pussy. (Can’t see how Ashley Judd is beautiful.) That Hillary Clinton rigged the DNC election.

It is important though to keep a vigilant eye for the ever present growing threat of socialism.


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