China Closes Its Doors


What ever you want to call it, The Chinese Vrius, Wuhan Virus, Covid19 or Kung Flu. It has the world grinding to a halt. Now China is claiming it has peaked in their country and all foreigners

  1. First must self-isolate
  2. Then they changed it you must stay at one of their chosen hotel.
  3. then they changed it to you must cover the cost of the hotel at 300 yuan per a day.
  4. Then they changed the rule to anyone flying into any place in China will be diverted to a city they choose for you to do your quarantine in.
  5. Now China is not taking in anybody, no matter what visa you have.

Now they are saying play nice and we will decide which country will get the drugs, since we make 70% of the needed material to make those drugs.

Start making the drugs at home and close the border to China permanently!


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