Publix is Profiteering Off of Senior Citizens


Publix is a pre-eminent grocery store in Florida and some areas in the south. Wal-mart hs attempted to buy this family owned behemoth, but the value of the stores was higher than Wal-mart’s net worth. So you have an idea of exactly how profitable this store is. So we are asking why they need to profiteer off of senior citizens with a fixed income.

If you are ordering your groceries from the app Instacart with Publix as your main grocery store so you can stay inside and stay safe, you need to pay higher than normal prices for their food, plus a delivery fee. This is a family owned business that  is richer than Wal-mart. Surely they do not need to gouge senior citizens for that extra dollar. I guess that bottom line to the greedy Publix owners is more important than

Also, senior citizens on fixed incomes still have to pay full price for the Instacart fees. During this quarantine times, places with food is making record profits but yet they can not wave these fees for senior citizens, who have to choose between medication and food. Shame on greedy Publix.


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