A Tea Party for China


While the US is debating the merits of calling the Chinese Virus (Wuhan Virus or Covid 19) as racist. China’s own racism rears its ugly head. There is rumor circulating that Africans and African Americans are the originators and the cause of the Chinese Virus. So Guangzhou has taken it upon themselves to evict them from their homes and deny them access to hotel rooms.

They are being promised promotions on the amount of Africans and African descent they can evict. This racism has spread to other parts of Chin now, such as Suzjhou and Qingdao.

Remember this is a country that hoarded medical equipment rom other countries while selling fake equipment to countries like Italy and Sweden. And now China is going around buying precious assets at bargain bottom prices.

It is time for the US and global population to rise up against China and take a stand.

  1. Throw them out of all international bodies, U.N., W.H.O. and teh Olympics.
  2. Repatriate assets that China has bought fr payment for crashing the global economy.
  3. Not a Political Tea Party Style, but a revolutionary style tea Party. Any Chinese made product should not reach any foreign shore and if it does, it should be dumped in the harbor.


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