The REAL Pathogen Destroying America


In a 1975 interview, Reagan remarked that if fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism. Given what has transpired since 2016, those words now appear to have been eerily prescient.
If one considers that the hallmarks of fascist regimes are a proclivity for using violence and lies to silence or eliminate political opposition/discourse, then the left in America has effectively employed both in its pursuit of that objective. From the violence perpetrated against conservatives on college campuses by emotionally incontinent millennials, to the propaganda and unhinged droolings of the trend-sucking dilettantes who dominate ‘fake news’ media outlets; leftists are destroying the cornerstones of democracy – namely truth and justice.
Nothing illustrates the latter more clearly than the release of documents now revealing that “Trump, Russia collusion” was the biggest hoax to ever be perpetrated on the American people. All done by leftwing ideologues embedded in the highest levels of many government agencies, the DNC, and their useful idiots in the national media. They were ALL fully cognizant – or willfully ignorant – of the fact there was no basis or truth to the allegation. But, it didn’t stop these diseased minds from weaponizing that lie in the furtherance of an agenda/narrative to discredit a duly elected president and try to remove him from office.
Sadly, they may actually yet succeed in that goal. As America approaches the 2020 election, the left’s compliant shills infecting media, academia and the political establishment will speciously frame the election as about “restoring American democracy and values”. They’ll only be half-right of course; left unsaid are whose values, are what that democracy should look like. Though if their actions over the previous 3 years are any indication, it should be overwhelmingly rejected by voters in favor of one that seeks to halt and undo the leftward lurch toward fascism that has been occurring for the past 50 years.


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