Antifa/BLM Defund the Police Versus The Police


Why the DCRambler supports neither. It is like choosing sides Between Hitler’s Nazi Socialism versus Mussolini’s Fascism or Stalin’s Communism. None of which is good. Black Lives Matter unless you support us we will cancel you or the polices’ sexist profiling of men. We asked our readers when they were profiled by the police. They seemed to have a habit of just writing things down. Here are the men’s stories. The DCRambler, where men are heard and listened to.

And if you look at the platform for Black Lives Matter you will see one of their statements refer that Single Black Mothers should want for nothing. It says nothing about putting Black father’s back in the home. In all races, 97% of men without fathers end up in jail. Time to put men back as the head of the family.


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