Nine Sports for Under $50


Ok. You have been vegging around the house for the last 2 or 3 months during the pandemic. Oh Wait, the virus attacks people who are unhealthy. You need ways of keeping fit and not having to pay an overpriced gym. membership.So here is a list of sports for under $50.

Honorable mention Biking minus the helmet and the lock a bike only runs $59.

9. All you need is a racket and a set of balls. You will need about $25 dollars to get started on this sport. And to practice you just need a wall. Most public parks that have tennis courts have these.

8. Skateboarding your out of pocket expense is only $20. And great transportation around town for those college years.

7. For $19 you can take up a gentlemanly game of Croquet. You won’t lose a lot of calories from this game, but who wants to sweat.

6. A Tennis Racket is $14 and a can of tennis balls are $2. A great sport for building upper and lower arm muscles.

5.Handballs are about $11 a pack. All this takes is a wall. Easily found at any tennis court. Great way to build up some upper arm muscle.

4. Basketball is only out of pocket for $10 and you can go to any public court and practice your lay ups and jump shots while waiting for a game of one on one.

3. Running/Walking a good comfortable pair of shoes don’t have to run you more than $10 but you can go get American made New Balance for Under $50 and those will last you two years.

2. Badminton is wow, only $5 for a set. No need for expensive courts or trying to find a city court to use. Just go to your closest park and enjoy some time getting exercise and seeing some lush greenery.

  1. Swimming can be done easily provided you live close to a fresh water lake absent of gators, water moccasins and spiders.


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