10 Things Women Need to Change About Themselves to Get a Man


I once had a boss who said, “ I have a problem with everyone in this room.” He didn’t understand that, “he was the problem.” Just like todays dating more and more men are opting out. Why? Something women don’t want to admit, women are the problem. Don’t go around saying the usual things to dismiss why women shouldn’t change. Such as: “you are just bitter.” “You don’t like women.” And “You don’t respect women.” I looked at myself before I got my wife. 1. I looked at the men of the women I respected and here are the three things that the men did, to get their mate. 1. Didn’t care what job they worked, if they were working, they were providing. 2. The didn’t advertise their wealth. No logos on their clothes. 3. Went overseas to find a wife. (No foreign women are not submissive and if you say that you have never met one.)


So here are ten things to do or not to do to get a good man.


  1. If he is wearing a shirt that shows a logo it is more about status than about quality. If his shirts are double stitched than it’s about quality.
  2. Lay down with the dogs than you are about to wake up with fleas. Do you hang around women that complain about the men in your life? Do  you join in or do you stand up for them when they are not around. Do you think men talk about their wives when they are not around. It is rarely done. Of course you will also say, “Men don’t like strong independent women.” Men like strong independent women, they just don’t like bitches. Women confuse being a bitch with being strong. I know several strong independent women who never had to bitch or use their sexuality to get the job done.
  3. Marc Rudolph is right when he says treat women as your peers, but do you treat men as your peers? Do you ask them out and offer to pay. I tell you, once I told a woman this, she had more respect for me and showed it to me and gave me genuine love.
  4. Do you still date like you are in high school? You want the bad boy or you think men that are nice are fake. Most men just want to get along in life. If you want a better boyfriend choose a better boyfriend. It’s time to start dating those men that you friend zoned.
  5. Are you putting in as much effort he is putting in to the relationship. Dave Chapelle said, men don’t do anything really for themselves, (We will get back to you thinking men are selfish.) they make choices about what will get the women, i.e buying a house and a car.
  6. What you think is selfishness on our part is protecting our family’s future, like I said our not yours not his family’s future. Every indulgence he gives you on date is vacation his future partner cannot take or his son or daughter’s college education fund reduced.
  7. Selfishness on your part. Are you selfish with the compliments and making the man feel special. Once again Marc Rudoplh brings things up, hey we want to feel special too. But remember don’t over do it as we will become suspicious.
  8. Are you a “Wal-mart shopper.” Do you dress when you go out, men are not expecting you to be dressed to the nines, but we don’t want you looking like you just came from a mud rodeo either.
  9. Do you use phrase like man-up or be man or that’s not what a real man does. Than he has every right to ask you to be a real woman and ask him to make you a sandwich. If you want a traditional man, be a traditional woman.
  10. What’s in your bag, what is it that you have to offer him, if it is just sex, it is just cheaper and easier to get a hooker. Start looking at what you have to offer him and also learn to compromise. If you always get your way, no man wants to date a spoil child. I once told a girl I want someone I want to take care of, not ‘have’ to take care of that person.



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