When The Tough Gets Going, The Women Leave


Or Why Women Don’t Belong in Leadership Positions.

Let’s start with the Mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan ordered the police to abandon a police precinct leaving citizens to fend for themselves. She is claiming it is a summer of love, while there are calls from the residents and is taking 3 times as long for them to get to the citizens. And yet they have to meet the residents outside the No-Go Zone.

And then there is the Police Chief for Seattle. You can disobey what is an unlawful order especially if it puts people’s lives at risk. She has failed to do that and tell mayor Durkan to stick her order where the sun don’t shine. She lacks the courage to lead her team to retake the police department.

Mayor Nadine Woodward was all in support for Antifa and establishing a No-Go Zone in her city, until it came to her house. She is a typical NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard). Remember our all male founding fathers risked their lives and their property to get us to be from Mother England.

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields resigns as soon as an officer had a fatls shooting of a black man. Showing that she doesn’t have her troops’ backs. Now Rayshard Brooks is left to fend for himself and now his stepmother is facing backlash too. Now the Atlanta PD i left without leadership.

Keisha Bottoms tries to offer $500 bonuses to the police officer thinking that the police officers are women and it will take cash to get them back on the job. The police want to know the system has their back.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been ignoring Michigan law and thinking she can enact any law she wants regardless of what congress decides. The Supreme Court of Michigan has kept knocking down her petty fights with the common. The Barber in Michigan has won all his fights with the governor and is free to operate his business. More men should take up their business and reopen.

Kamala Harris with her law enforcement background railroaded at least one black man on using a marijuana to help her career. She knew it was false and still prosecuted him and tried to suppress evidence and she admitted on camera to using marijuana herself. Can you say hypocrite.

Amy Klobuchar refused to prosecute officers with a history of abusing its citizens incuding Derek Chauvin. We wouldn’t be here if she did her job instead of ordering her male colleagues to clean her comb so she can eat her salad.





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