What a Good Man is. (Dear Herk)


If you have love life questions ask Herk.

Dear Herk,

What is a good man?

Ladies I hear a lot about how you define what a good man is so I will spell it out to you.

1) A good man is somebody who holds you accountable and calls you out for bad behaviour.

2) A good man is a builder and is financially stable, he expects you to be the same and match him to toe.

3) A good man has no time for emotional mind games or shit testing, live is not a game but a team effort.

4) Good men view drama and gossip as toxic and sees that these attributes fracture every social environment.

5) A good man is not a woman’s utility, every relationship should be based on reciprocation and if not and he finds your a gold digger he will deep six you.

6) A good man does not take on anybody who is broke or in tons of debt, as that is not an asset but a liability.

7) A good man will judge by your actions and not your words.

8) When a good man is treated poorly in any kind of relationship, he will walk away and never look back.

9) A good man is not there to make you happy in a relationship that is impossible you have to do the work on your own life and stop trying to leave it to the man to meet impossible standards.

10) A good man is not a Beta he is somebody who calls a spade a spade and sees life for what it truly is.

So ladies I know some of you have messaged me about this. That’s what high value good men look for and until you figure that out you will continue to date the Chad’s and Tyrone bad boys and have failed relationships.


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