Where is Biden (Texas Edition)


If you feel like you are in a game of where’s Waldo, but instead of looking for Waldo you are looking for Pedo Joe Biden. You are not alone. The citizens of Texas are looking for him too, but where is he? Found him. he is in the Whitehouse Basement ignoring the plight of millions of Americans not just freezing, but freezing to death.

Biden must shoulder the deaths of these 58 Americans. He is more interested in populating the cabinet with his hateful and racists colleagues like Merrick Garland and Neera Tanden. If pedo Joe claims for unity are legit, he would have been in Texas helping the people and issuing funds to help the struggling families out. Think of what he did for all the people of P.A. who voted for him, so think how much harsher he is with Texas who didn’t. And he is threatening to go after DeSantis because the state didn’t fall for his rhetoric. We are chumps if we think Pedo Joe can do anything more than creep girls and women out and take bribes.

But you have to love the irony of AOC and all of this green new deal failure. She raised 4 million dollars from private citizens proving we do not need massive government programs to help our fellow man. Get the word out and we are there. And the utter massive failure of renewable energy that proved Trump right.  And now the people of Texas has to wait for oil to be delivered to heat their homes and cook their foods.

Texans good luck finding Pedo Joe Biden.

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