Tim Pool is a Wuss


You heard me and I will say it again. Tim pool is a wuss, he is not only a wuss but a hypocrite.  Here are my reasons for believing that.

The more that Tim Pool gets red pilled he asks others to stand up when they are falsely accused, but however, he will not join in the fight. As he accurately calls himself a milk toast fence sitter. He won’t call out the wrong feminist and blue pillers do. He expects everybody to act while he sits in his bedroom grifting for cash in hard economic times.

Tim Pool constantly lectures us on what’s right, but he never does the heavy lifting of doing what’s right. He complains he won’t vote for Trump because of his potty mouth and boorish behavior. Lincoln was quite the bully on the debate stage and loved telling potty jokes. See our article on “Why Trump is Perfect for the Party of Lincoln.” So if he lived at the time, i guess he wouldn’t have voted to end slavery.

He loves to lecture us on how he is mixed race and how his family endured such racism, but he won’t  stand up to the overt sexism of the feminist movement. So if Tim Pool was a bystander watching his family  be harassed for being mixed race, he would choose to sit on. the fence.

He loves to quote Jordan Peterson about having a cause and a purpose, but yet he has no cause and purpose other than to ask people to give him money for his milktoast lackluster opinions. He has a cause and a purpose staring him in his face and he does nothing. I would like to ask him, if this is a world you would like to leave for your son, if no, then work to change it!

“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.”
― Theodore Roosevelt

I challenge Tim Pool to do the following things to show he has purpose and not just another wussy internet grifter.

Interview Diana Davidson – Light House Project

Interview Marc Angelucci – National Coalition for Men

Interview Eric Carrol – Fathers’ Rights Initiative.

Show us you have the guts to do what’s right. Pay back those that stood up for your family. Pay it forward for your future son that in face of adversity you did the right thing.



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