Five Books Every Boy Should Read before Turning 18


Do you have a reluctant reader on your hand? What is your son doing right now Playing video games, texting – Skateboarding? Make this time useful and have him read some useful items. Yes, the bible is good too, but it neats to be put in context with archaeology. So let’s start.

Brave New World – By Aldous Huxley. This will show how his school has failed him. How the teachers in his class purposely failed him. How they manipulated him to be a workhorse for society. And society these days only benefits women. And with the epidemic of female rapists in schools, these teacher/rapists don’t even see them as human.

Myth of Male Power – By Dr. Warren Farrell This book will expose the truth to him and show how society actually views him. As a disposable commodity put into service of a woman. This will start to teach him to think for himself. Even if he desires a family someday, he will be able to articulate his values to anyone who seeks to exploit him.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich – By Ramit Sethi. This is the quintessential book on basic finances and how to handle your money. You will be able to handle your credit score, negotiate a loan or better interest rates. You will know what the different financial products are?

Oh, The Places You Will Go! – By Dr. Seuss. Yes, you heard me right. With men committing suicide at an alarming rate, this is the go to book. Dr. Seuss had a friend that attempted suicide and he wrote this for him. Once, your son breaks free from all the conditioning, he will truly see the world is his oyster and find his own place in the sun.

Any Trade Manual – men by nature are creators, builders. Even if we work with our minds, we still need to work with our hands. Restoring that house or ‘vette brings us great joy. A sense of satisfaction a completion. This shows you are the complete Un-Manipulated Man.


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