Why Women Need to Submit to Their Boyfriend/Husband


I know you have heard these shaming languages, you’re just gay, who hurt you, you just hate women, but do you remember these? She is just a single mother, she doesn’t have a man to help her. It must be hard for a single mother. Then when we start labeling anything w don’t like as racist. As telling people not sh!t in the street is racist, because a Chinese American can’t be taught to teach their children that shitting anywhere is wrong. Then we progressed to phobias. Homophobia, xenophobia, we have the right to associate in our private life with who ever we want to in our private life. I have no problem with gays or or Chinese. I have a problem with making special rules. The civil rights marches was a great response to racism.

Women are taught to think of themselves first, while men are taught to think of others first. How will this make a woman feel. If I do this my son will be ready for his partner or spouse.  I am in a job group. And every time a single mother is looking for a job she says, “I am a single mother.” She never identifies what skills she has, how she will be a good employee for that person. She is using that status as trying to elicit sympathy to obtain paycheck with as little effort she has to put forward. Then we have alimony. A single mother says the $700 she gets for child support is not enough, how can she be a good mother unless she looks nice. These things are all too common in this gynocentric society.

And all too common is how much is he spending on me on a date? Instead of, you know I need to show him I can be responsible with money and we can work together to build something.

Women used their position to embarrass men into being more thoughtful of a women’s personal desire than her actual personal need. Her need is knowing she is safe and secure. He did a fabulous job of raising the next generation of men and women: having the right balance of firmness and compassion and he did that with a loving and supportive partner. Instead of going to her gaggle of friends saying what a mean husband she has, instead says; I have a husband that strikes a balance between compassion and firmness.

This is why women need to submit to their husband or boyfriend.


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